Bad Poker 
Umphrey's McGee 
Tab by Eric S

Intro (chicken pickin)

  C                               F

  C                               G

pissing in a truck stop in mobile, alabama
tape of molly hatchett in the back of my pants
i'm almost out of money so i call my little honey
saying wire me two-hundy, i'm hittin' the boats
my amc gremlin circa '74
rusted out door, my dog on the floor
feelin' kind of lucky with the shotgun blues
had a week of the flu and now it's time for the house to lose
round here they don't use them cellular phones
'cause everybody's livin' like it's 1971
a night on the town is your only salvation
heaven is a diner full of burgers, fries and cokes
stomach's full of shit and now it's time for a beer
hotwire the car so we can get down to them boats
the louisiana purchase was a hell of a deal
so gimme that pair of kings and the queen of hearts

chorus (keep the alternating bass line going when possible)

Dm              C/G
just a stranger livin dyin

B/G      Bb/G  F          F#
day to day my soul keeps searchin

G              Em
on the road I left my home and

Dm                C/G
hope for peace of mind and soon will

B/G         Bb/G    F        F#
find the way     to where I lost my

G                Em
soul it's on the road to never-ending

chords like this
 Dm    C/G   B/G   Bb/G   F    F#     G    Em

then this
   D              C/D             B/G              G

rum is a stupid liquid to drink,
at three in the morning you don't know who you are
honkytonks and bars, smokin' steel gituars
got a ragin' headache at ten in the morning
to throw some cold water on the top of your skull
you can't remember where those two hundred bills have gone
that hand of poker all just does me all wrong
i'll tell my kids got no food to bring home

chorus, then outro jam based on D > C/D > B/G > G (sweet home alabama teases galore)