Night Nurse Umphrey's McGee Tab by Mike S ( (11-19-2018) *Standard Tuning: E A D G B E *tabbed from 6/26/2013 (Big Indian, NY) This one is almost purely open on the guitars, but Joel's chords can be played like this: E|-------------------------------------------------- B|----6-------6-------6---------9----7-----------o-- G|----6-------6-------8---------8----8-------------- D|----4-------6-------6---------7----7-------------- A|----6-------8-------8---------9----9-----------o-- E|------------6-------9---------7----7-------------- The full chords on keyboard are: Ebm9 Fm/Bb Dbadd9 B13 B9 with these voicings: (notes low to high, "|" separates left/right hands) Ebm9: Eb | Gb Bb Db F Fm/Bb: Bb | Ab Bb C F Dbadd9: Db F | Ab Db Eb F B13: B Gb | A Db Eb Ab B9: B Gb | A Db Eb Gb ************************************************************************************************************