E Bbdim Asus2 * sometimes he adds a slide up to this A chord |-0------0-------0-------0-------| |-0------0-------0-------0-------| |-1------3-------2------/6-------| |-2------2-------2------/7-------| |-2------1-------0------/7-------| |-0---------------------/5-------| When you come round looking don't expect a thing Nothing here is sacred worth not remembering There's no justifying burying your voice All that I'm implying is hidden in the choice C#m Bsus2 Asus2 |-4------2-------0-----| |-5------2-------0-----| |-6------4-------2-----| |-6------4-------2-----| |-4------2-------0-----| |----------------------| I'm done with all the things that bring me down (Patch me up and roll me over) And you could say the same as me right now (Every wall will crumble down) The truth to self is always hard to tell (Check your habits at the door) Yours will be a face remembered well Quick solo: Slide Guitar |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-//14--12-----------------------------------//14--12------------------------------~----------~-----| |-------------11b13r11--9--7/9-------------------------11b13r11--9---10/14-------7/14-------7/9-----| x2 |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| The minute you remember I'll be where I was Apologizing often, it never seems enough If the words would surface I'd scream now (Let me be part of this plan) So I hope you're worth the wait around (If I'm not I understand) There's never been enough time to slow down I promise more when I get back in town