White Man's Moccasins Umphrey's McGee Tab by Chandwick (hypotheticaltaco@yahoo.com), Bebob (bebobhannon@hotmail.com), and Joshua (gtg108n@mail.gatech.edu) Chandwick here's the opening lick to WMM x o i x i o i x o i x o i x m i E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G---4-------------4--------------- D-----5---5-4-------5---4-5---7-5- A-7-----7-----5-7-----7-----7----- E--------------------------------- it's all tapping, so the letters on the top indicate which finger you use for each note... o= left hand pointer finger i= left hand middle finger x= right hand pointer finger m= right hand middle finger listen to a recording for the rhythm, but it's pretty self-explanatory Bebob I'll get to WMM later. I'll tell you for now that the first verses are: Em - F Em - F - G - F Em - F - G Then they do that little rhythmic pattern over G7. Joshua E------------------------------ B------------------------------ G--------4-5-4-------4-5-4----- D------3-------3---3----------- A----5-----------5------------- E--3--------------------------- Note that this is mainly comping over Joel?s appegiation. Working out Jake?s nice riffing in the Am7-G eddy now: First 4 measures: harmonics * * e------------ B----------5- G----12----5- D----12------ A------------ E------------ Next couple of riffs: E-------------------------------------------------------------| B---xxx----11-10----------11-10--------------12b14(hold bend)-| G---xxx------------9--------------9---------------------------| D---xxx-------------------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------------------| | | E-------------------------------------------------------------| B---xxx--------------------------------------7b9(hold bend)---| G---xxx----7--6------------7--6-------------------------------| D---xxx------------7--------------7---------------------------| A-------------------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------------------| After this, sounds like Bayliss comes in for a bit of harmony transition into the Wally themes? Bebob Then they go into a Am7(b9:twisted:) - G Then that little break with the smoothest Pony line since 2nd Self: Fm7b5 - FMaj Then into the ending section chords which I'm not going to do just yet. it's another Uncle Wally style pairing of chords between Pony and Joel, except Joel is playing some fleshed out evil fucking diminshed chords in there. The outro is: Aaug - F a few times and then: Bb - Am - C - F a few times.